The basic intent of this service is to provide people with a web site they could use to help promote their job skills in the market. That is it's (Websumes.NET) only function and purpose. It is not messaging system or software nor is it a social media web site per se.


All aspects of Websumes.NET may be experienced differently between users and visitors. Be aware that certain functions on this site may not be not supported across all browsers. This means not all visitors or users will have access to or view the site's pages necesarily in the same way. However generally the site will offer all features in most recent (and decent) browsers.


It can not be expected that all visitors and users will use the service as it is intended by the owner(s) or that their actions reflect the goals and intentions of the owner(s). Every individual user is responsible for their individual content. It also not to be expected that Websumes.NET can eliminate all negative, inappropriate behavior or content from the site in any given period of time. However attempts will be made to retify any questionable behavior or actions as the issues arise.


There is no expectation or guarantee that this site will give you or any user or site visitor a job or necessarily increase your ability to make any prospective contacts that could lead to an interview or a job.


We do run special offer campaigns were we do not charge the end user for certain priviledges regarding this service. In those instances we still use the PAYPAL, Inc button images (I.e "Buy Now" button) since much of the functionality behind completing orders behave the same way. This decision is not meant to mislead the customer. In effort to avoid confusion we express at the top of the page of concern that the act of submission will not be processed as payment.