Hire those who see themselves as a brand.
We attract highly skilled professionals who have found a new way separate themselves from the pack.
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Post a Job
Post jobs to Glancen in minutes where your jobs are always advertised on the top of the page.
Open to All Employers
Any employer can post. No account necessary. We send you a link to a private dashboard which tracks all candidates who have applied to your job.
In addition we send thumbnail link to the candidates's professional website and résumé attached to the email.
Add a Job Description
Simply write or copy & paste your job description directly.
You can also add a link to your career website application page as an option.
Receive résumés and web profiles from candidates
Your job is posted prominently at the top of search results to attract candidates who can apply with a résumé or professional web profile.
Receive professional websites of uniquely skilled candidates from around the web in your inbox through Wébsumés.
There is no account setup necessary to access the dashboard which remains available for the length of the job post.
Multiple contact options
Reach candidates by phone or direct message them via a link to their profile contact page.
We also include their email along with the resources stated above.
Batch Order
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