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What Are The Three Methods?
Resume. Template Professional Website. My Professional Website.
You can choose what you wish to be discovered by employers. Switching between any of these is fine since all share keywords are provided by you via the Discovery Settings page in your account.
Our system does not scan through your resume for this information so we give the opportunity to craft your own descriptions and keywords to personalize your message.
My Professional Website (MPW) is simply a url you use have referenced on our site. When you save the url a screenshot of the site is taken and upon moderation is available to be discovered by employers. There's not much else to it.
The only other factor is having keywords (in Discovery Settings) picked out you want to associate with your account which in turn is associated with your website.
The Template Professional website (TPW) is a fully built in website for those who do not have a personal website of their own. It has the basics including brief summary, education and past work experience fields.
An option to allow or prevent your Primary resume to be downloaded from any page. A contact page for visitors to get a hold of you and a showcase. The showcase is a collection of pages that allow you to upload files and talk about your most prominent achievements. This can be enabled or disabled as you see fit.
Why Was I Banned?
Moderators have deemed your site inappropriate and a breach of our rules. You may or may not receive an email regarding this as our priorities side with site integrity and a safe viewing experience. There is zero tolerance for misuse of the service provided.
How Many Resumes Can I Upload?
For members you can upload 4 resumes. You select one as your Primary resume which is the one that gets referenced from your template website and shows up in search results.
Can I Select A Different Resume On Job Applications?
Yes. You can upload a new altogether or select one from any you have stored in your account. Also, you can simultaneously upload a resume in to your account as you apply to a job post, so long as space is available.
How Do I Change My Keywords For Resume, My Professional Website Or Template Site?
When logged in Go To Discovery Settings at the top. From within that page scroll down and you will see a drop down and text field for changing your settings.
Note this effects all three methods so whatever keywords you decide to use for one method in mind is shared between the other two methods as well.
Can I Use A Third-Party Service Like LinkedIn For My Professional Website?
You can use any third-party service that is focused on providing a website as part of your professional persona. However please be aware that not all services grant the ability to have a screenshot of any part of their site to be taken.
In some cases third-party services that require you to login to access your professional account can not have a screenshot of it taken. But if you are using a web builder tool to make your site then it is most likely possible.
Why Are Jobs From Third-Party Websites Listed Here?
We wanted to expand service by offering jobseekers easy access to jobs. It represents our hope that in the future more jobs will be curated as part of our system which opens up new possibilites for jobseekers.
Still jobseekers can make their presence know using our other tools while also search for jobs all in one place.
Why Preview Window Is Blank When Saving Or Refreshing A Website?
There is a 60 second time limit before the system quits trying to process the screenshot. The most likely reason could be related a timeout issue when the system tries to take a screenshot of the website in question. Usually retrying the save or refresh clears this issue as the system has had some time to cache the image even after the timeout has occurred.
However, if the system says the image was saved but clearly the preview is blank it could be an issue on our end which we will then look into.
Why Charge To View And Download Resumes?
The information provided should be respected and used for the purposes of filling jobs. It deters users from taking easy information for granted and reduces the likelihood of information being accummulated for purposes other than filling positions for businesses.
Why Can't I See My Website In Website Search Results After Posting It?
It must be approved by a moderator first before it will available on search results. Please allow at least 24-72 hours for this action if posted anonymously.
For members, the process is the same each time the url you provide is changed and saved. Changing the site itself or saving other data within the dashboard will not incur moderation.
What Does Posting A Resume Or Websume Anonymously Do?
You can post a resume or website without an account. The drawback being you can only do one or the other and it only remains in the system for 30 days.
In the case of posting a professional website it remains in the system for 30 days from the time it was reviewed and approved by a moderator, not on time of submission.
Can I Post A Resume, A Professional Website AND Still Use The Template Site?
When you sign up for an account you have the option to use any one of the three methods at any one time. This distinction really only effects what someone searching for you finds. For example if you opt to use the template site only that will show up in search results. But you can switch this anytime depending on your needs.
What Is A Showcase?
A showcase is part of the Template Website package.
Use it to describe and show employers things you may have done at previous employer, or projects/demos you've done on your time. Basically it can be used as show-and-tell of sorts and really is up to the user how or what they wish to present.
Each page has can store up to 4 files and pages can be swapped in the order of your choosing. The showcase in not mandatory so you can opt to disable it altogther or individual pages to show only the ones you want.
Is It free For Jobseekers?
Is It Free For Employers?
Signing up for an account is free but in order to get the most out of the service there are associated charges.
Can I Cancel Anytime?
Where Is My Email Confirmation?
Sometimes receiving email confirmations can take anywhere from several hours to several days. Also, be sure to check your spam folder as itmay have been sent there.
Many places have issues with delayed emails and this is no exception.